Hebei S.L. Commercial & Trade Co., Ltd exports industrial minerals and chemicals from China to the world since 1997. We work with many leading companies in the industry such as Sibelco, LKAB and Vesuvius.

Mr Su Shunli, the founder and director of SL, previously worked for Minmetals from 1984 to 1997. He is considered to be the builder of the ground mica exporting business in Hebei and was known as “the man” of mica in the industry. After he left the former company and founded SL, he carried on his expertise and developed diverse new products with his team.

The core value SL adds to its clients is that SL is capable to deliver high quality products with consistency, forming an important and reliable part of the clients’ supply chain. SL has a wide network and good reputation with factories across China, we have the ability to work with the factories to minimise the fluctuation of price and quality when the market oscillates.

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